"I've been able to go through menopause without ANY of the symptoms most women suffer ... My bones are strong & dense, my mind sharp, and in many ways I feel stronger than many women younger than me. Dr. Herdener has guided me through this process."  VR   

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1. Is naturopathic medicine new?
2. How is naturopathic medicine different from conventual medicine?
3. In what ways are naturopathic and conventual physicians alike?
4. What treatments does a naturopathic physician employ?
5. How are these treatments applied?
6. Are naturopathic physicians opposed to drugs and major surgery?
7. What is the education of a naturopathic physician?
8. Are naturopathic medical programs accredited?
9. Where are naturopathic physicians licensed?
10. Are there other kinds of "NDs" in the U.S.?
11. Is naturopathic medicine covered by insurance?
12. Is naturopathic medicine cost-effective?
13. I naturopathic medicine safe?
14. Is naturopathic medicine scientific?
15. Has conventual medicine adopted methods from the naturopathic body of knowledge?
16. What is the status of naturopathic medicine in other countries?
17. What is the position of naturopathic medicine on immunization?
18. How do ND's interact with other health professionals?
19. Do naturopathic physicians practice natural childbirth?
20. Do naturopathic physicians practice acupuncture and oriental medicine?

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