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Neurofascial Prolotherapy

How often is Neurofascial Prolotherapy given?

How often is Neurofascial Prolotherapy given? 

NFP is typically done weekly for five to ten visits. Most people heal by seven or eight visits when their sole need is NFP.  If Hackett-Hemwall Prolotherapy is needed because of joint instability, then NFP can be done at the same time as HHP and may resolve in fewer treatments.

Why is a 5% dextrose solution used for Neurofascial Prolotherapy?

The concentration of dextrose or glucose in the blood is 0.5%.  Thus a 5% dextrose solution is ten times the concentration of what is contained in the blood. This is a high enough concentration of dextrose to decrease the pain from the peptidergic sensory nerves but not so much to actually cause an inflammatory reaction. This concentration of dextrose blocks calcium influx into the nerves. This decreases neurogenic inflammation.  The 12.5% dextrose solution used in HHP induces an inflammatory reaction (to stimulate ligament and tendon cell proliferation) but that can cause mild pain. The goal of Neurofascial Prolotherapy is to decrease neurogenic inflammation, so the solution must do that without causing its own inflammatory reaction.  In essence, dextrose restores the physiology of the nerve cell. Once axonal flow is normal, the nerve can function again to repair and maintain joint, ligament and tendon health.

jointinstability(1)Why isnít an anesthetic used with Neurofascial Prolotherapy?

A patientís pain that is relieved using 5% dextrose injected in this manner diagnostically reveals that part or all of the personís pain is coming from peptidergic sensory nerves. These are the only nerves that are turned off by 5% dextrose. Lidocaine or procaine, as well as other ďcainesĒ turn off all the nerves (if used in a high enough concentration). So using an anesthetic in the solution would not be helpful diagnostically. Local anesthetics also cannot change inflammation, only pain, whereas dextrose can affect both inflammation and pain. For a long-term treatment, dextrose has a lot of potential, anesthetics very little.

Where can I get Neurofascial Prolotherapy?

Neurofascial Prolotherapy is performed at The Herdener Family Clinic in McMinnville Or.  Our Prolotherapists, Dr Larry Herdener, ND utilize many types of Prolotherapy solutions in Comprehensive Prolotherapy, including NFP. To completely cure someone of chronic degenerative pain, often several types of solutions and Prolotherapy techniques including dextrose Hackett-Hemwall Prolotherapy, Stem Cell Prolotherapy, PRP Prolotherapy and/or NFP are needed.